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Daylighting is a term for the process of vacuum excavating the ground in order to expose utilities or other desired structures to daylight.
What can daylighting be used for:● Power pole holes● Visual confirmation of buried utilities● Exposing structural footings● Trenching
What sets us apart from the competition?We have vacuum excavators that have both air and hydro capabilities. Certain DOT's do not allow the use of Hydro, and Hydro excavation requires backfilling with non-wet material. While hydro is occasionally quicker to excavate, air tends to be less abrasive and gentler with utilities or objects being daylighted.
We are one of a handful of companies based in Illinois capable of air or hydro vacuum excavation!
If you have a project that you would like to discuss, please call 773-232-4197 or email moc.cp-zehcnas%40natyage

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