Our Team

Our Team


Gerardo P. Sanchez, PLS


With a degree in Civil Engineering, he realized his passion for surveying. After spending a decade working for a couple survey companies in the Chicagoland area, he established Sanchez and Associates. His background in Civil Engineering helped when working alongside engineers and general contractors.


Gerry Sanchez, SIT, PMP

Mapping Manager

Gerry is the Mapping Manager and has over 15 years of survey experience. He oversees all UAV operations and LiDAR scanning projects.


Eddie Gaytan

Director of SUE Services

Eddie is the Director of Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) services who oversees and manages all service aspects. Eddie has been an industry leader and brings over 26 years of SUE experience.


Tom Cody, PE

SUE Project Engineer

Tom is our SUE project engineer, and brings over 25 years of civil and utility engineering experience. Tom works with our Director of SUE Services.


Adrian Mora

Quality Manager

Adrian is the Quality Manager overseeing the implementation of different quality practices to help our team provide our clients with the best possible deliverable.

Raul Martinez Geospatial Analyst

Raul Martinez

Geospatial Analyst

Raul is our Geospatial Analyst and brings 15 years of aerial mapping experience. He brings experience in mission planning, mission execution, and processing of large photogrammetry and LiDAR missions.